Sunday, September 20, 2009


I've been doing my fair share of decorating the olde homestead of late. You saw the playroom earlier this week in a few posts. Technically, it is my formal living room. I don't believe in the word formal, unless it refers to a really fabulous dress I have to wear to an outrageously sophisticated event. Happens on a regular basis around here, let me tell ya. I routinely clean my bathroom in heels and a floor length gown. The four inch stilettos really help me to reach the top of the windows when I'm Windexing them. I recommend it for every desperate housewife out there in Stepford.

Any who...moving on to the master bedroom. Got the idea from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. January 2008 issue, I'm thinking.  Pretty much copied it exactly. Did it all by myself in two hours. LOVE it. Really creates a focal point in the room.

Next, I needed some art. Purple isn't exactly a hot color right now, so was having a great deal of difficulty finding anything I liked. And then Basic Grey went and released Wisteria. PERFECT! The blues and greens in the line inspired additional accent colors in the room, tempering the girly purple. Matt likes it just as much as I do.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get really big sheets of the patterned paper to frame and I really needed a large center frame to balance the wall. Found a solution with a few flourishes cut out of vinyl on my Silhouette. They give that center frame more weight, even if the print within is only 8x11.

There you have it, my decorating tip of the day. For what it is worth. In this case, probably only a $80, because that's all it cost me.

Of course, now that is all said and done, I see this. I adore. Maybe I'll get lucky and find it at Home Goods five years from now when I'm looking for something new. Now that I've got a taste for decorating on my own, it's sort of hard to stop.


  1. Oh Erin, I missed you so much. I love the room. My Mom doesn't understand my decorating sense much either, but she usually likes it when she sees it in person.

  2. That's so pretty! I have no decorating sense, so I'm quite jealous... LOL!

  3. Erin, the bedroom is to die for!! Love how you looked at what you had and went for it even if Mom wasn't thrilled.

    You go girl!

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  5. I LOVE purple & the block!!! I think it's so pretty!!

  6. Love the room! I have really missed all your great creative ideas!! I am going borrow the square idea with two shades of teal that are in the spread I bought for my new house.

  7. Erin Erin Erin. I am so glad I found your blog. I have missed your creativness so much. CK message boards were just not the same without you. (Hardly ever go there anymore - spend more time at Cricut).

    And little Hankster - wow has he gotten big. And yes he does look like DADDY!

    Even tho I don't really know you, I have thought about you often.

    You are now officially in my favorites list and will be checking your blog - DAILY. No pressure.

    Can't wait to SEE and HEAR about what you are up to.

    Former CK Messagboarder- MNbj


  8. Love love love your creativity! fabulous :) ... and I love that quilt too. oh you temptress yourself!