Thursday, September 17, 2009

Work Night

I have never not worked. Since I started my very own version of the Babysitter's Club in seventh grade (I liked to think I was a cross between Stacy and Mary Ann), I've been a working girl. Made my own money, made my own way. Just like Laverne and Shirley...only I wasn't swigging beer off the assembly line.

Or at least not until college.

Now...I'm a stay at home mom in every sense of the word. I really feel I am where I need to be. Want to be. This time with Hank is one of the greatest gifts Matt can give me. When you can see that in the day to day, not just over long periods of time, it's hands down the right decision. But that isn't to say that Mama doesn't need a little mad money of her own. Cute shoes and waxed eyebrows are a must.

To be honest, the kid has cuter shoes than I do at the moment and I've been plucking a lot more than I'd like, but I've been working a few nights a week over at Emma's Paperie. Nope. Not on the design team. When I said I needed a break, I really meant it. Every Monday and Thursday night, you can find me down in Cindy's basement with the ipod blaring, pulling orders. She needed the help, I know product, Hank's mama wanted him to have Gymboree clothing (I can work those Gymbucks ladies!). Win, win all the way around. I've recognized a few names come through from time and time and have hidden notes in orders (hey Candice Greenway!) and if you leave me a note in the comments section, I'll try to do the same for you if I see it. I'm not going anywhere any time soon.

Intially, it started out as a way to earn some money when I was burned out from earning it my usual way. Matt-free, scrapbook-free money to be specific. A girl needs a little fundage for her petty cash drawer. Now it is a way for me to get out of the house and empty the mind while the hands are busy. In a small way, it's keeping me sane, with the added bonus allowing me to be around the pretty stuff without actually having to buy any of it. Not to say that from time to time, I don't use my 20% employee discount and bring home some goodies. (Unpacked the new Basic Grey today. Indian Summer is the best fall line I think I've ever seen. They hit the colors spot on. Grabbed myself a little of that. )

Anyway...speaking of cute shoes, how about a card featuring some? EK Success flip flop punch and Papertrey Ink stamps. Yep, not much has changed.

The Babysitter's Club reference at top. Got a story. I was watching E! one day and they had some reality television search show on and low and behold, the twins who were in the club with me were on it. Shy, awkward, mousey Mailie and Cassie Moore where now blond, plastic surgery enhanced Playboy Bunnies. I about birthed a kitten. I always thought it was weird that their brother was allowed to wallpaper his room with centerfolds. What was their mother thinking? You could see the cause and effect. Too bad we don't have a Babysitter's Club now, I'd bet we'd get a lot of calls, seeing as I'm just as much a bodacious babe as they are...snort! We could totally up our hourly rate. Wait...not that type of working girl. Back to pulling orders for me. :)


  1. I love the shoe card. And that basic grey fall stuff, nice. Fall is just full of my favorite colors.

  2. Erin, I am so glad you are back!! I missed your sense of humor and tales of daily life! I love that you are having fun being a stay at home mom and it sounds like you found the perfect side job for mad money!!


  3. Erin, Glad to see you back around and enjoying life. I, like you, loved staying home with my family but there are times when you just need to get away by yourself. It sounds like the perfect "job" fell into your lap. It also gives Hank some Daddy time :)

    Love the card! I think I'm going to have to scraplift it for a friends 40th b-day.

  4. I shop at Emmas Paperie wishlist is full of stuff right now. I need to tell my husband I just neeeeeeed to place an order soon.

    Glad to see you are taking a much deserved break and spending some time with your son. I am lucky enough to stay at home with my daughters and I will never be able to thank my husband enough for giving me this time with them.

    Great card!

  5. Beautiful card. I'm so glad to find your blog...hope everything goes well for you!

  6. i've totally missed your awesome daily life stories. ... and what a small world it is? crazy that they "twins" where your friends! ... and i was eyeing up those shoes for my little guy too!

  7. it's so great to read your blog again! Honestly, even when I didn't visit the board at CK, I always read your blog. You're one talented writer.

  8. Erin - I can totally relate. I worked at 3 scrap stores for fun money, now I work part-time at home a few hours a week for the same reason. Only I tweeze my own eyebrows in favor of shopping at Hobby Lobby! LOL Love the card! That is a hoot about your former club-mates!

  9. Erin, I'm so glad I found your blog. I think you are making a great decision staying home with Hank! Your card is lovely and the story funny!

  10. You are so darn funny! I'm glad I found your blog (thanks to Kerri B.). Just wanted to say THANKS! I'm going to have a smile on my face all day because of your cheeky humor! :)