Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We've got spiders... the entry way... the playroom underneath a window. The toads are terrified... the kitchen underneath the cabinets...

...on the mantle...

...hanging from some wall art...

...and creeping down the stairs.

Just a little dash of whimsy, really makes it feel like Halloween around here. Liking how it is not overdone. Only a few can give the suggestion of the spooky season upon us. One of Hank's few words right now is "bug", so it's a nice reinforcement there too. He's squealing "BUG!!!!!" all over the house.

I cut the cute arachnids out with my QK Silhouette using vinyl. My plan is to do it every year, only vary the locations. More like a scavenger hunt for the kid(s) and hubby. Purposely picked a friendly looking spider as opposed to a more realistic looking spider. Although, if you were one who enjoys playing practical jokes on people, it might be fun to plant one or two creepy ones on unsuspecting victims' walls. Hmmm...might need to sneak on over to my in-laws. Cackle! Cackle!

A few Q&A from comments:

q: Bonnie said...

Hey Erin! We have tons of those darn stink bugs. I got skunked by one the other day - yuk! Curious what you used to exterminate, or did you hire someone? Would love some advice! Thanks!

a: Unfortunately, I'm an one woman show on the stink bug extermination around these here parts. Lots of flushing going on. Really akin to me putting my finger in the dam to stop the flood. I've tried reading up on the topic and there is no known pesticide/insectide/method of killing off these buggers that is effective. A few random sources online have suggested cedar oil. Dunno if I want to try that.

I've been thinking though, they are attracted to the stinky scent of other stink bugs (which surprisingly, I can't smell). Why hasn't anybody made a lure out of the stuff like the commerical Japanese Beetle lures? The scientist in me is thinking a cardboard box at the back property line with homemade stink bug lure and some nesting material (ratty old bedding) might work. And then you can torch the box once you've caught your fill. It makes sense. Only problem is somebody is going to have to kill and smash a bunch of stink bugs to make up the secret recipe. I might be desperate enough. Or I might rock/paper/scissors Matt for the job.

Q: Kim said...

What an adorable card (teacup card)! LOVE it! Makes me want to pull out my stamps again. Is the tag with the verse on the front premade, or is it something you made? If you made it, is that a punch, a die cut, etc...?

A: It's a stamp and die. The stamp is from the Heartfelt Basics set from Papertrey Ink. And the die (quickly became a favorite) is from Quickutz. I've been using the heck out of that die.

Q: Amy said... since you sang the praises of the Silhouette today (and I read Kerri's blog...I KNOW it is fab!), would you mind filling us in on why SCAL is a must have? I have the Cricut with DS and LOVE DS! But what would SCAL do for me? I'm not super computer savvy and am a little wary of SCAL. You are still buying cartridges for the Cricut - I thought that was the point of SCAL, no more cartridges? After you've resurfaced...I'd love to be enlightened! :)

A: SCAL over DS for Cricut would allow you to cut any true type font and dingbat on your computer. You can't do that with DS. It also allows you to shadow, blackout, and weld letters and shapes. Very easy to use. I still buy the Cricut cartridges from time to time, but only the layered shape ones. You can't really find those types of images for free on the internet so they are worth it for me. But, I will not buy an alphabet cartridge ever again because there is no need. HTH.


  1. Erin, I love this.....leave it to YOU! I like that it's a little bit of Halloween, but not over the top.....

    And your little spider is darn right might get me to purchase a silhouette sooner than later....

  2. OHmyGosh. erin those spiders are so dang cute!

  3. Those spiders are too freakin CUTE!! Very fun!!!

  4. Erin,
    I, too, was a long-time Erin Lincoln blog-reader, and just discovered you today. Thanks for coming back and sharing your ideas and your wonderful writing!

  5. Erin,
    Love your spiders but HATE those stink bugs! We have done a lot of investigation and experimenting and have found that if you add dish detergent to some water in an old coffee can or the like and throw one in, it releases the smell and others will swarm in after it. They can't swim and will eventually drown.

  6. Thanks for the Q & A Erin! I'll have to look into SCAL a little bit more and see if I'm brave enough to take the plunge!

    And LOVE those spiders!

  7. Your spiders are so fun!! I love how under-stated, yet totally cool they are!!! TFS!

    I also love the look on your face going down the slide. Is Mommy having more fun than Hank?

  8. Can I buy the GSD file for the spider?

  9. I want to know if I can buy the spider? I LOVE IT!!! Did you buy it from QK?