Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Blog Education

In the last few weeks, I've learned through random blog reading and put into practice....

1. How to make a fruit fly trap. Worked like a charm.

2. Turned our IKEA step stool into a coloring desk.

3. That in northern Frederick County, MD hides an incredible wooden sliding board. What a complete treat to find this gem. We shall be back time and time again.

4. That Nutella and croissants are heaven. Had a few for lunch during those first 20 minutes of naptime peace and quiet and the rest lay in wait for Matt to come home. Nice to leave something for him when I'm working at night.

What have you learned recently?:)


  1. Sorry, havent' learned anything lately.

    But I love love love that slide. Looks like it might even be fun for ADULTS. Love the look on your face Erin. And it's covered and not metal!! Big plus. Looks like a great find.

    And the idea for the coloring table- PRICELESS.


  2. OMG...that slide looks amazing! I can't imagine the work that went into making it...just the sliding surface alone, let alone the rest of the structure. Very cool - love to see things made "old school" style.

  3. Nutella is a blessing and a curse. I make nutells pillows (ala Becky Higgins) for Christmas.

  4. Haven't learned anything nearly as fun or exciting as you have. Love the step stool coloring desk and that slide! I did just buy a Bind-It-All on Tuesday night and am looking forward to learning how to use it.

  5. Just found your blog- so excited to see that you're back! :)

  6. SSSHHHHHHHH that slide is a secret!!! LOL