Sunday, October 25, 2009

Open...IF YOU DARE!!!

Do me a favor and click like crazy over the next week to the new Silhouette blog. Just a single second out of your day can pay off in just a few weeks with daily projects and inspirations from some fabulous scrappers and paper artists...and maybe little old me. And let me tell you right now, I will BRING IT. Consider yourself warned. If this happens, you will be in serious danger of a slow seduction and will fall under the Silhouette's spell. I told you Kerri Bradford was a Silhouette temptress, didn't I? Pure evil in the best possible way. She's recruited me as a handmaiden and I will woo whomever crosses my path. So click on over only if you think you'll be strong enough to resist temptation. Or maybe only click if you secretly desire a little papercrafting seduction. Come on...admit it...who doesn't want a little bit of that in their life? Trust me, once I get going, you will not be able to say no. Forgone conclusion my friends. Resistance is futile. Love that little machine. :)

And just to put a little walk in my talk, how about a Silhouette project? Happy Halloween! My mom will be getting this in the mail tomorrow with a few photos of my favorite little spook hidden inside. I created a rectangle in the Silhouette software, overlaid the pumpkin carved face, and cut. I then stole the stem off another pumpkin (without having to cut out anything else) and completed my card. All rounded out with a white embossed sentiment from Hero Arts, which I stamped on a curve. Super simple and super cute.

images and stamps


  1. Sounds like this is going to cost me... but I will do it for you, Erin...

  2. I wanna be on a design team for the most wonderful little machine EVER! Yeah, in my dreams! But yes, a design team would be awesome!

  3. Well Erin, YOU already won me if my machine would just get here.....I am DOWNLOADING almost EVERYTHING!!!!! Good thing my machine came with a 6 months free unlimited downloads.....after that who knows what.

    I will be checking the blog daily. I hope you make FREQUENT billling over there.


  4. Sweet! Or should I say spooky!

  5. I'm happy to encourage a design team over there - especially if you're going to be on it. Should I just click in the comment section of the most recent post and chime in? Or is there a general comment section that I just didn't see?

    Thanks for any info


  6. CUTE card!! Now off to the Silhouette blog!!

  7. Resistance IS futile! I'm taking the plunge! Between you and Kerri, you're killin me! Got the software loaded, unlimited membership bought, now for the machine on payday! (Hmm, seems like I do things backwards) but anyway I can't wait to start making the most AWESOMELY AWESOME cards, pages, etc. with this machine!! Eeek!