Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quick Favors...and Not So Quick Ghost Cookies

Here's another Silhouette project for ya'll. I am always curious the sizes some of the boxes/envelopes/3-D cuts make. Thought I'd try one out. This little Halloween treat bag is cut at the maximum for my machine. Holds a couple cavities worth of candy, which is impressive. Are you anything like me on Halloween night with the rationing of two to three pieces of candy per trick-or-treater at the beginning, yet shoveling huge handfuls into their bags by the end? This is definitely an end-of-the-night hand out. :)

I wanted to make the spider web stand out more. See on the original cut that it is part of the bag?

Ungroup your bag, copy/paste just the spider web part, and then create a circle around it. Will cut the black part of my little treat bag. Like I've said in the past, ultimate versatility. Check out the Silhouette blog today for a download giveaway.

Other supplies: Hero Arts stamps and Cuttlebug tag.

Onto the cookies! In my perfect Mom world, I would like to have a cookie recipe a week that I make for the kid(s). Lots of seasonal stuff. Each week would be different, so 52 different awesome cookie recipes. Like I said...perfect Mom world. I may be overreaching a bit. Those weeks that Oprah is good, the kids might have to just deal with a bag of Oreos from time to time.

Seems like I have a recipe for October if I ever intend to go through with the crazy plan. Ghost meringues (see photo above) from the cookbook I bought a few weeks ago. I was planning on giving them out to neighbors, but decided they are too good to share. Chocolate eyeballs and cotton candy tasting meringue are a delicious taste sensation. Besides, Hank is crazy about them. Must be the whoooooo, whooooo, whooooo sounds I make as I fly a ghost cookie through the air to him:). Mixing and measuring isn't a time drain, but they do take two hours to cook. Totally worth the effort when they turn out this cute.

I wasn't going to type up the recipe because it was copyrighted, but I found somebody who already did it for me:). How about I just link over and let her take the heat if there is any? Enjoy and go get some baking done!:)


  1. Those cookies look so stinkin CUTE! Good luck on the new cookie every week....hope you share some of those recipes.
    Love the Silhouette cut.


  2. Hehe, homebaked cookies. A comment from one of my darling children when he or she was small (can't remember which one said it) Mommmm, why do you always have to make the cookies, why can't we get some from the store? (weird kid)

  3. Erin, unrelated to this post ... last Christmas on the CK blog, you posted a beautiful Christmas craft you had made. I recall it had blocks of patterned paper, with a block or two of family pictures, and a large chipboard initial, framed. Loved it! Printed it out and put it "somewhere where I would find it," to make as Christmas gifts this year. Can't find it anywhere!! Would you be willing to share this picture/project again ... soon?? Thank you! paula@drdoherty.com

  4. Never mind ... I found it, and it was Christmas trees on patterned paper blocks (not pictures, don't know what I was thinking), in a black frame.