Monday, March 29, 2010

Bloom and Grow

Just wanted to share a pregnancy layout today. Trying to put a positive spin on my growing girth. Speaking of which, I have a funny story. Matt and Hank were listening to the original MIKA album when the song "Big Girls" came on. Hank looked at Matt and said "Mama?". SNORT! Hubby swears it was just a coincidence, but I know that little boy of mine is pretty darn smart. Wouldn't put it past him.

Layout was for the Silhouette blog. Find it a fun creative challenge to use certain images in ways that utilize them the most. Like this rose image. I don't want to piece it together...but backing it with cardstock works just as well and with significant less effort. All about finding the right match of image and technique.

Speaking of being pregnant, I don't want anybody waiting for a baby announcement any time yet. Would be a waste of time, 'cause there's a significant chunk of time left between now and then. I have awhile and as much as I wish otherwise, it really needs to be awhile. Hank arrived by emergency c-section 5 weeks early due to preclampsia and so I'm taking it extra easy extra early this time around hoping to avoid a repeat of that nightmare. I can tell things are going to be better already. My shoes still fit and I'm still wearing my watch. This time with Hank I already looked like a water balloon and could barely fit into Matt's shoes. Never the less, I'm determined to go the distance, even if it means I plant my bum in a recliner for a month. Rough duty.

As for sex/name, we know both. And we're not telling:).Got to have some fun with it, right? FINALLY last week, we agreed on a name! Much drama in that arena. Glad that's over. What's with men having an opinion on the issue, yet not willing to contribute? All he wanted to do was veto.I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Seems pretty universal from what I've heard.

Layout Supplies:
Rose, label, title, border: Silhouette America
Patterned paper: American Crafts
Buttons: Papertrey Ink Vintage Buttons in Aqua Mist
Stamps: Papertrey Ink Fancy Flourishes
Ink: Versamark
Bling: Heidi Swapp
Cardstock: Perfect Match Berry Sorbert, Grey from Martha Stewart pack I got at Michael's


  1. Good for you for taking this next month to rest; there's nothing more important than giving the baby a chance to fully develop. And alas, no need to put more stress on your mommy-bod.

    Love your layout, just beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing, as a mother of teens, I love to get a little baby talk once in a while!

  2. Love your look amazing! And remember every pregnancy is different, every labour is different and every baby is different, that's what makes life interesting...but enjoy your rest will be busy! And funny how you know both sex and name but keeping it a secret...that's what we did for both of our children, however, some people were really offended...and for name sake...absolutely we as women should always have the final say...we are the ones that endure the pain...therefore it is our reign to name!!!

  3. Glad you are taking it easy this time, I remember Hank's arrival....My lil sister by you is due in August, since she had less than 2 hours of labor with the previous 2 girls(yeah I know), she is not allow to go anywhere for 1 month prior, and she gets the pick the day in August (I voted often for my bday)

  4. That is an unbelievably darling layout. Love what you did with the rose and you are beautiful! I remember when you had all that trouble with Hank and scared us to death! Glad it's going better this time.

  5. You AND your layout are both stunning, Erin. I can totally agree that the name thing was the same for me. The way we finally decided is that I said something about it sounding like a quarterback's name and did the whole sports announcer thing: And ZACH TRAVIS fakes and he throws, its complete, TOUCHDOWN!!

    Worked like a charm! :)

  6. Ha! Yes, DH only vetoed names without suggesting other choices. Drove me nuts. Glad to hear it's a "guy" thing and not just an "us" thing. My little guy, now 6, was born via emergency c-section at 5.5 weeks early so I totally know where you're coming from. Hang in there, Mama. :)

  7. Funny! My husband mentioned the name for our first daughter about a year before we started trying. I loved it so there was no debate over that. For our second daughter we had MANY disagreements before we could finally agree on one.

  8. Love this LO. You are absolutely STUNNING! This pregnancy is sure agreeing with you.
    Keep putting your feet up and resting up for the big day.
    Hope Big Brother Hank is resting up for his big debut as a BIG BROTHER! I can still remember my youngests first morning at home, my son who was 6 and in kindergarten read her Hop On Pop before he went to school - PRICELESS.
    Enjoy your last few "moments" as a family of 3 before the big day arrives.
    Wishing you Peace, Strengh, Time and RELAXATION!

  9. this layout is wonderful and you look radiant! take it easy and be good to yourself and your baby-to-be-named-later. my niece and her husband were having the same issue with naming their baby.... he was over zealous with his veto power! saying some prayers for a safe delivery for mom and baby. take care.