Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Weather, Spring Flowers

Ah. Bliss. The weather is absolutely wonderful. Hank and I have been outside for the last four days just soaking in the sun. And exploring the rock pile...and visiting the cows...and getting a sandbox's worth of sand in the pockets of our jeans. Total bliss out mommy time. I could do it forever. Seriously. This little boy right now is just perfect...minus the tantrums when you bring him in, we're trying to look on the bright side of things.

Today he found a millipede crawling across the asphalt of our driveway. You've got to appreciate the fact he thinks nothing of getting belly down to stare it in the eyeballs. Gotta say, he's a bit of a chip off the old block when it comes to all things animals. Just like me as a kid.

With warm weather comes flowers. Beautiful Blooms II makes you want to stamp, doesn't it? I created this card for the release and though I'd share it here. One of my favorite color combos...Hawaiian Shores and Pure Poppy with a bit of black. Cut the flowers out of the Hawaiian Shores first and used it as a template to stamp my flowers in Versamark before I embossed them.

I think it is an interesting twist to have the layers go down instead of up.

There's a little $5.00 set called Floewr Garden Sentiments that has the perfect center for the larger flowers. Glad I finally broke it out.

Got a fun project today up at the Silhouette Blog. Embroidery hoops with patterned fabric are a really cheap and easy way to add some color to your walls. I used the iron on transfer material to customize for Easter. Put in my candy order recently and had it sent to my friend's house with strict instructions not to give it to me until the Friday before. I'd eat it all right now if I had my hands on it. YUM!

Supplies for card:

Stamps: Beautiful Blooms II, Flower Garden Sentiments
Dies: Beautiful Blooms II
Perfect Match Cardstock: Hawaiian Shores and Pure Poppy
Perfect Match Ink: True Black, Pure Poppy
Other ink: Versamark
Embossing Powder: Ultra Fine Filigree in White
Paper: Black and White Basics
Buttons: True Black and Pure Poppy


  1. Spring and little boys - what a great mix!!!! Hope you have a little bit of PINK coming your way soon....I have to keep hinting cause you are not letting on......Hope you are feeling FANTASTIC.


    Great idea sending your candy to a friend to hold it....I've gone through about 4 bags of Easter candy just myself....and I wonder why I am a little thick in the middle....

  2. You are SUCH a clever girl, from Faux Beer to layering downwards...what will you think of next?! That card is fabulous! I love your little Easter hoop projects, too!

  3. I just adore the hoppy hoops, Erin! Thanks for sharing such a fun idea!