Sunday, September 5, 2010

Put Jelly Beans in There Mom

Ever since I made this project for Easter and filled it with jelly beans, Hank has been under the impression that every little container I make needs to be filled with the same. And now that he is officially a talker (omg...I cannot tell you how cute this kid is when he plays the "I Love You More" game with me), he has been very verbal about his requests. This little cupcake tin got his interest and had him telling me to "Put jelly beans in there Mom".

Seeing as no request is granted without a "please" first, he might have to revise his statement. But eventually I fill it up with something yummy for him.

Fun little technique here. I used this stamp using PTI's Background Basics: Botanicals...

First I stamped it with Versamark on Smokey Shadow cardstock and heat embossed using one color of embossing powder. Let it cool and went over it again with the same stamp, only stamping in the empty places before heat embossing with a different color of pink. What you get is a two color heat embossed effect. Reminds me of an embroidered guitar strap. Sweet, huh? Love ZING! embossing powder by American Crafts. Specifically the colors.  I have like seven of them, which isn't enough.  MUST. GET. MORE.

The circular tin is something I picked up for a buck at AC Moore. The top is see through plastic. Very easy to punch a hole for my wooden dowel to hold up my Cupcake Collection topper. The dowel goes down to the floor of the container. Stays in place nicely without any adhesive. Will work well with little pieces of candy like M&M's. Or maybe some jelly beans:).


  1. Love this............I'm with Hank on this one...fill it with some jelly beans!!!

    Can't believe how GROWN UP little Hank has become.......

  2. LOVE how you stamped and embossed that pattern, just awesome!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for the embossing tip...I was wondering how you mixed those fabulous colors together!