Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How fun is this?

I am in love. It's a bit of a splurge, but consider it officially on my Christmas list. For a whole host of reasons. I love cruiser style bikes. I love the joy "riding" gives. It has a basket and it would be fun to take to the grocery store. But mostly because so I can scoot around the cul de sac with this guy, who currently is using his $5 garage sale Radio Flyer scooter to wreck havoc around the kitchen island at dinner prep time. The scootering is a new skill. He keeps telling me, "I doing it! I doing it!"

He's also showing some signs that he's the child of a shutterbug. Wants to "take your photo" with his vintage Fisher Price camera. Just like mommy.  Can't get enough of this kid.


  1. Love love LOVE it..... Hank is do darn cute!!!!

  2. OMG ........ First Hank is over the top cute ........ like cuter then your always beautiful creations but I know that is okay with you. Second ....... I just sent this link to Santa for me........ a scooter in Aqua Mist ....... are you kidding me??

  3. Hank is so, so cute! And I just love that your husband is riding the scooter while Hank is taking the picture. Hehe, so fun!!