Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm the Deal Queen!

So, I've decided to dedicate a little time to coupon using and deal hunting. Finding that I'm getting lots of cheap/free stuff (I actually got paid 50 cents to pick up Toy Story 3 for free! Ship's sailed on that deal, but you get the idea) with just a wee bit more effort than I'm used to putting into my "general household acquisition" job. I buy 95% of the stuff that comes into this house, so that job description covers a lot. Figured if I ran into a great deal, I'd pass the deets onto you out there in Blogland.

Today's Deal of a Steal can be found at Toys R Us, for all you moms in need to Christmas and birthday presents. They've got all their Hasbro games on sale until Saturday. Plus, you spend $35 on Hasbro games, you get a $10 gift card.  And then there are rebates. Which can be found here. So, when all was said and done with the discounts, gift cards, and rebates, I got...

Hi Ho Cheery-o
Chutes and Ladders
Candy Land
Don't Spill the Beans
Don't Break the Ice
Ants in The Pants

...for only $1.25 each! Seriously. They might as well be free. We've already got 3 of the 8, but I'll save the duplicates for gifts. And I'll probably head back for another round so I can pick up another $10 gift card. Which I'll turn around to use on a diaper deal, stacked on top of coupons.  Sweet deal.

Go forth and shop. :) Have fun.


  1. I wish we had deals like that over here.

  2. Sweet deals! I look forward to seeing what other great bargains you find! I'm all about it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! I too look forward to seeing what other bargains you are finding.....I LOVE finding bargains! Thanks again!!

  4. what amazing shopper you are and deal getter! i loved your comment "go forth and shop." thanks for sharing!

  5. The deal has ended Tues night by the way