Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another List

1. I feel morally obligated to warn everybody about Crayola's Colored Bubbles. I am a very mess tolerant Mom, (my rule is I'll clean up one big 'in a day), but these had me tossing them in the trash after 30 seconds. If you check out the reviews at Amazon, you'll see I do not stand alone in my dislike of this product. Check out how they are touted in the product review: "That's right, if the bubbles pop in your mouth, you won't die". Not exactly a shining endorsement in my book.  Save yourself $3.00 and a load or two of laundry. DO NOT BUY.

2. As a "safe" alternative to some afternoon fun, heat up your electric griddle and let your kid melt crayons on it. No, really! It's lots of fun and very safe when it is on the warm setting. I can hold my hand flat on the surface for a few seconds before I have to snatch it back. There were a few times when Hank said "hot", but I think it is a nice teaching opportunity about what "hot" means without putting a kid in harm's way.  Easy clean up too when you wrap the griddle in foil.

Once you have a nice puddle of crayon wax, place a piece of white paper on it and rub for some color transfer. Hank loves this game. And so do all the adults who are over during playdates. The kids and the adults are fighting over the griddle real estate.  Idea from this book: The Preschooler's Busy Book.

3. We survived the Redneck Prom. Even if it was a theme party, I told Matt he should have alerted me to how truly trashy I was in the fishnet thigh highs. Not sure I would have worn them. I'm screaming in my head to myself right now, "Woman! Put those thighs away!"

Eliza looked adorable in her camo, however. Matt, on the other hand, is a bit too fond of the convertible camo pants (They're pants! No they're shorts) I found him at Goodwill. I'm worried he's actually going to wear them. But, seeing as I do the laundry, those suckers might have to disappear one day.

4. I recently finished this book.

Very alarmist in nature. I though the author found fault in just about any toy out there on the market. At one point she said that the game of Old Maid contributes to poor self body image because one of the characters is a fat lady. I rolled my eyes. A lot. Although I can act all smug about things now, having only a 8 month old daughter. We haven't reached the princess stage yet. But seeing as I watched Eliza turn her walker to run full speed into Hank's block castle today, purposely to knock it over, not sure I really have to worry about much.

In any case, I want to send the author's daughter this card. Just to be cheeky.

5. Do you have Netflix? I watched Summertime on Instant Viewing the other day. Old 1955 Katherine Hepburn movie. I was very charmed by the male lead: Rossano Brazzi. I guess he was in the original South Pacific (now in my queue as well, never have seen it). Watch the movie. Some of the shots seem like they were filmed just yesterday. And, I totally want to be his plate of ravioli. You'll know what I mean if you see it.

6. Eliza hopes you all had a nice Valentine's Day:). The tongue sticking out of her mouth and hooked in the corner is her signature look. So very Eliza Jane.

Supplies for card:
Stamps: PTI's Daily Designs and Daily Designs Sentiments
Ink: Plum Pudding and Wild Hibiscus
Die cut crown: Silhouette


  1. Love your lists! And the kiddos are ADORABLE!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  2. Loved the Redneck Prom, and your children are adorable! But, you probably already know that. :)

  3. Hi Erin thanks for the great PTI Podcast, this podcast answered a lot of guestions that I have had! When I taught preshool we did the crayon melting on the electric pan, the kids loved it!
    We had a stash of child sized knit gloves that the child could wear to keep them safe from the heat.

  4. As a photographer.. fishnets simply HAVE to be photographed. You and your husband were great sports! Great blog btw!