Friday, February 25, 2011

Ne w Podcast

Want to join me for 30 minutes of crafty chat? Hop on over to Nichole's blog to hear the latest Papertrey Radio Podcast.


  1. Downloaded it as soon as I saw it and loved it. So enjoying listening to my faves from PTI share with us on all things crafty and inky and PTI. xx

  2. Hey erin, i don't live in the US so i can't use the googlevoice account. My question is what country aside from the US is the biggest buyer of PTI stamps? And what state of the US buys the most?
    Thanks, Alyssa

  3. Hi Erin,

    I think that your PaperTrey Radio Podcasts are great and I love hearing all the discussions. I think it allows even a more personal connection with the PTI Design Team members and helps develop a further connection.

    You had asked for suggestions on future Podcasts and I had an idea that I would like you to consider. In the history of PTI, many of the Design Team members have either done videos or tutorials on stamping. They are wonderfully put together and people may have missed them so it would be nice to feature them in your Podcast and then let everyone know where they were originally posted. Reading a post is one thing, but hearing a live discussion adds another level to it.

    For example, this week someone asked about making masculine cards. I know there was a tutorial that one of the Design Team members published in the past year where they talked about how you can take the same card and make it either Masculine or Feminine by changing the ribbon to twine or using metal dots instead of crystals. It was a great tutorial and it would have been great to be able to refer back to it. I am disappointed that I can no longer find it. I have looked through the blogs and I know they used the Enjoy the Ride stamp so it must be within the last year.

    One that I would like to hear in a future Podcast is Building a Better Card tutorial that Michelle Wooderson published on March 25, 2010. Even though I have it printed off, it would be enjoyable to hear her discuss it and for those who may have missed it, I think they would learn from the discussion. Then Mish could also refer back to her previous post so that others could refer to it.

    I think the entire PTI Design Team have all published wonderful tutorials at some point. Maybe you can canvas them to see if they would like to present any of them at your Podcast... : ) Or, ask the listening audience if there are any tutorials that they would like to hear featured... : )

    Take Care,