Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kerri's Winner and a Few Answers

Lancene won the $50 of free digital downloads from Kerri Bradford Designs. Click on over and send her a message. I'll let her know to expect you.

I've a few questions in the comments the last few days, so let's go ahead an answer those:

Regarding the journal I used for my Papertrey Ink Gratitude Journal project. In particular the sunken window on the cover. It came that way. Nice, huh? I've had it for ages and ages. Something tells me in the back of my brain that I got it as a freebee. The label says it is a "Stamp Art Journal" and the manufacturer is All Night Media. A super quick Google search got me nothin' when I went to find a source online.

Susan asked if I stamped on die cuts before I cut them or after. It depends on the stamp. If they are background strips like any of the PTI ones, the answer would be yes. If I'm using a large background stamp like the design blocks from Hero Arts (like I did on the bike card), I stamp after. Just depends.

As far as cutting PTI cardstock with my Silhouette, the only time I've ever had much luck is when I have a brand new blade. Otherwise, it just doesn't cut all the way through. But, and maybe somebody can chime in here and answer me, I have the original Silhouette. Not the SD. I think the pressure settings might be different with the newer machine. And when the new 12x12 Cameo comes out, I'll be able to tell you myself--that thing is SO mine.:)

And just for fun, I made these Zucchini Grilled Pizzas tonight for dinner. SO. GOOD. Got rid of my pizza craving, but it was mostly veggies. YAY!  I highly recommend. I picked the 8 Ball Zukes up from my local farm stand for 3/$1. Next year, I'm putting them in my garden.


  1. I've never cut the PTI CS on the it thicker than Bazzill?? I rarely like using Bazzill on the Sil but...If you have the new Studio program have you tried clicking on the double cut after setting it to the higher #lb CS?
    I really like the Recollections CS for my Sil cuts, it's nice and smooth and not too thick.

  2. I have a silhouette SD and it cuts through PTI in one pass. The blade is not as sharp anymore and I've noticed a couple of spots that aren't cut all the way through but they pop out easily enough. For intricate designs, PTI cardstock is just too thick to get a good result--at least that's been my experience.

    I had the original blue Wishblade and it wouldn't cut through PTI at all, even with a new blade, so it could be that the pressure settings are better with the newer models.

  3. So glad you enjoyed the grilled zucchini pizzas! Thanks for the mention.

  4. Thank you so much for choosing me to win the $50.00 giveaway! I never win anything. I promise to put all that goodness to excellent use.

  5. Thanks for answering my q's, Erin! I'm so excited to get a silhouette, but adm trying to learn as much as I can before hand. I added that yummy pizza to our menu this week and can't wait to try it! Xoxo

  6. Well Ms. Erin - your blog is bad bad BAD for my checkbook.....just ordered those Pop Up containers - yes all 100 like you did....and put in a PTI order.
    can I blame this on the fact that just moved daughter back to college!!!!

    PS: still can't leave a comment when I log on my goggle account....

  7. I have the original silhouette and does not cut through PTI card stock...BOO! as I love it so...your card is stunning Erin, I just got that stamp set and I really cannot wait to get it all inky...hugs