Friday, August 19, 2011

Garden Variety Birthday

Mom's got a big day today. So along with a few books (Lost in Shangri-la and Small Batch Baking), I've got a gardening card for her.

With so many new PTI products every month, I can't even begin to use them all. This is my first time using the watering can from Garden Variety. Sweet little thing. The stamped strips from Half & Half and Ribbon Tails are stamped in the new ink. I have a couple prototype pads. Nice, rich, dense, juicy color. Liking how the striped pattern grounds the watering can, but highlights it as well when the die cut Spring Moss piece draws your eyes. Something to remember. Sentiment is from Fillable Frames #4. 

For you smutty romance fans out there--and it is fabulous to know I'm not alone--I've got a few good ones for you. Lord of Scoundrels is only $1.99 on Kindle! Very good. The heroine I found to be very atypical. And then there was Flowers From the Storm.. Sigh. I was up a few late nights reading that one. Although I did find some of the dialogue to be a bit hard to get through because the hero had suffered a stroke and the heroine was a Quaker. It wasn't mindless reading, but it sure was worth it.

And just to prove I read some pretty high brow stuff as well,  Lost in Shangri-la (linked above) was excellent and riveting, but didn't not nearly as good as Unbroken. Unbroken leaves you a different person after you finish. I highly recommend both. I think the majority of my family have read it at this point.

 Happy reading!


  1. Just LOVE this card! Beautiful colors and just made me smile! :) Kim H.

  2. Love the card. And I have to say, I'm impressed at the variety in your reading interests. I've got two of those books already on my wish list. If you haven't read "In the Garden of Beasts", I'd highly recommend it.

  3. Wonderful card! I hope your mother has a delightful birthday. By the way, Flowers From the Storm is one of my very favorite romances...since high school I have read many, many of them. Laura Kinsale is an original and excellent romance author--she also has some lighter romances as well--as is Loretta Chase (all her books are full of witty humor).

  4. great card and happy birthday to your mom. so you are liking the new pti ink pads... any idea when they will be released? just curious if they will be released all at once or a color a month. love your work!

  5. I am always impressed with your creations!!

    p.s. I am still happy that you are doing a blog again!! :)