Saturday, August 24, 2013

Recipe Remix

We have made it to 10 PM EST for Papertrey Ink's Stamp-A-Faire 2013. There's just one more blog post for ya'll today--the highly anticipated Recipe Remix. It's were you've submitted the projects on Nichole's blog that you felt needed fresh eyes and a little retooling. Who hasn't been there? I had a great deal of fun last year doing this one particular challenge. This year was no exception. It was such a pleasant way to spend a morning.

I choose to work with Lindsey's card from her blog post here. I was drawn to her two rows of tilted circles from the Boy Basics: Simple Circles stamp set. Very graphic and eye-catching from just the thumbnail. I'm also a fan of ombre, so her cheeky "HB2U" sentiment in a colorful gradient was also something I wanted to work with.

Lindsey had originally created this card as a part of an online challenge group. There was one card sketch and one inspiration photo to draw inspiration from and combine into one card. I thought this would give me further guidelines to work within.

Also of note were her blog comments on this particular card. There were a few references to how masculine and modern it looked. I wanted to keep that vibe as well.

And here is my creation based on Lindsey's card, the Fusion challenge, and the blog comments. A few notes:

  • I originally tried to use the same lined circle stamp set from Boy Basics: Simple Circles that Lindsey used, but I had some difficulty with the way the lines directed your eyes across the card. Which I thought was particularly ironic, because the use of that stamp specially was what initially drew my attention to the card. I went with the star circle stamp instead. 
  • I covered up one star circle per column for a total of five in the grouping of ten. I wanted to carry over how Lindsey used the ombre color scheme to layer interest over the graphic design elements. Instead of using the Headline Alphabet, I just used solid circles. The black star circles are such a strong element that they seemed to overpower the thin Headline Alphabet originally.
  • If you notice in the card sketch, two points of the horizontal lines going across the card had elements to break up the visual plane and give interest. Look at my card and you can see the same thing with two glittered stars on the red circle and one glittered star between the Orange Zest and Harvest Gold circles. These visual breaks are in the exact same place as the sketch and Lindsey's card.
  • I moved the entire sentiment down to the lower right quadrant. In keep with the masculine theme, I divided up a circle via color blocking and to give a home to my sentiment.
  • I kept the use of the Headline Alphabet, but also throw in the Block Alphabet dies and one half of the new Wonderful Word: Thank You die.  
  • A scatter of stars keep the theme alive and draws your eyes down to the sentiment. As noted earlier, they are also in the same place as the Headline Alphabet in Lindsey's card. 
  • The original inspiration photo had pink in the ombre. Like Lindsey, I omitted it. To keep the card masculine, I threw in Scarlet Jewel instead. 
Thanks Lindsey for letting me play with your design. I'm definitely saving this one to mail out, I love it so much. And that's only because it had such great "bones". 

The Closing Ceremony is in an hour at Nichole's blog. Hard to believe today is drawing to a close. I really hope ya'll enjoyed yourself! Makes me smile thinking of all of us around the world coming together today to share our favorite hobby. The internet is just such an amazing thing.


Stamps: Boy Basics: Simple Circles, Headline Alphabet
Cardstock: Scarlett Jewel, Pure Poppy, Orange Zest, Summer Sunrise, Harvest Gold, True Black
Ink: True Black
Dies: Seeing Stars, Star Gazer, Wonderful Word: Thank You, Limitless Layers 1 3/4", Uppercase Alphabet Block
Glitter Paper


  1. Erin, amazing design! I love all the stars - still so very masculine. Lindsey's original card does have great "bones" (one of my favorite T.V. shows if you capitalize the 'b') ;). I too love the way she used the circle stamp, but you're dead on that the skinny headline alpha was being overwhelmed by the dark circles. I love how you "remixed" that!

  2. That is just awesome thing to share here. I am new to your blog but loving your writing . Some very vital things to bear in mind while make recipe. thanks for sharing.

  3. Hee! Erin, I'm thrilled you chose my card. Thanks so much for not only choosing it but creating such a masterpiece. It totally captured what I wanted but even better than I ever could have imagined. I loved the detailed explanation, too. I learned so much and with each line it was like an "aha!" moment. There are so many times when I make a card that I wish I could get inside a particular designer's head to see what they would do and have them help me make some decisions, and it was so fun to to see that wish come to life. :) You are brilliant! Thanks again!!!

  4. Such a COOL card! Love the stars and colors! :)

  5. Hi Erin! Love your coffee cozy video and I noticed you have an electric die cutter that looks like my Big Shot. What are you using in the video? It was so quiet and cut through the felt easily. I'd love to get one if possible. Thanks and keep making your darling cards. Love the creative.