Thursday, December 4, 2014

Stitched Bookmark Gift Tags

My father-in-law decided on short notice to head over the pond and visit our niece and nephew for a weeks in England. In general, having been burned twice in very big ways by the British mail system, I do not send holiday and birthday packages to them. Simply put, I just don't trust it. Which is a major bummer, as I take the duty of being an aunt very seriously. ( I just go a little hog wild when they visit stateside, making up for lost time and opportunities.) But this year, with my present "mule", I was able to send a few brown paper packages tied up with string to those two adorable Brits I love so much.

They both are avid readers, which lead me to bust out the PTI Stitched Bookmark for them and make some personalized bookmarks..

The problem that I then faced was how to package up the bookmarks. I ended up just tying them to my presents to serve as gift tags.

I cut the insert out of patterned paper this time around and stitched that in. On top of that, I cut out of PTI felt the Block Alpha Upper Dies and glued them onto the paper to personalize. The rest of the bookmark was stitched out of felt. Just Smile Dies provide the floral accents on either end.

I took a big loop of washi tape and placed it on the back to help "stick" the bookmark to the package. It's so low tack, that it is easily peeled off. Just enough stick to hold the bookmark in place.

Fancy Flakes Dies add some interest to my kraft wrapping.

Here's the boy version. I like the color combo of Pure Poppy, Ocean Tides, and Smokey Shadow. I'll use it again.

So, just an idea for you if you are looking to add a homemade touch to a store bought gift. Go forth and craft!

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  1. Your bookmarks are fantastic! I love the "boy" version... I need to make one for my son. Thanks for the inspiration!