Saturday, May 30, 2015

Papertrey Ink/SVG File Fusion

It has been a long time since I busted out my Silhouette and put it to use. Which is a bit unusual for me, because it is something I enjoy quite a bit. I love the look of layered and shaped "novelty" cards that I can create using files from my favorite SVG Cuts. And I love combining them with my inventory of Papertrey Ink goodies. Impressive results every time.

To go along with my gift sets from yesterday, I wanted to make coordinating cards. And because I really wanted them to look different than the shapes of the cards in the box (A2), I went with a fun popsicle shaped card from SVG Cut's Fruity Fiesta Kit. I used a lot of the same materials, colors, and papers that I used in the card sets, not to mention a general "fun" summer theme, so there was a tie between the two.

Like yesterday, I thought it would be good to list a few tips when it comes to using your Papertrey Ink collection with svg files in general.

Popsicle Cards

1.  One of things that is really great about Papertrey Ink card stock is that it is so thick and heavy. It is a card maker's dream. But those lovely qualities require a bit of special attention when using an electronic cutter. I do a few things to make sure I have clean cuts. On my Silhouette, I maximize my thickness to 33, my blade is set to 4, and I usually double cut the shape. Tends to work well for me.

2. When  I'm choosing my svg file designs, knowing I'll be using Papertrey Ink cardstock, I try to keep the shapes really simple. There are no fine details. Nothing is too complicated.

3. If there happens to be fine details I want to cut, I reach for my patterned paper collection and cut the shapes out of that. Such as the top of the popsicles. I haven't done this since the Linen Cardstock came out. I need to see if that cuts nicely with a fine detailed shape. That might be the exception.

4. If I'm going to go through the effort to cut a card out with my Silhouette, I might as well make two...or three...or four at the same time. It's nominal effort to make multiples. You already have it out, might as well.

5. Great time to bust out your sentiment stamps and use them! Papertrey Ink has such a wide variety of images and themes, that I can usually match the die cuts I make with my Silhouette with a stamp set of the same theme. There's a popsicle stamp set with Summer Sweetness. So I pulled that to use on the banner for my sentiment.

Felt and Vellum Homemade Accents

6. I reach for my dies and stamps for the little extras, such as these felt flowers. They are cut out of felt using Beautiful Blooms 2 and Flower Fusion 2 dies. First time using the Sheer Basics Vellum Collection to accent felt flowers. LOVE the look.

Is this a super original creation for me? Not at all. Sometimes, like when the school picnic is in three hours, I don't have time for that. :) But I had fun and the card turned out super cute. Confession real life (not my online "crafting job"), I don't care a bit about being "inspiring" and "innovative". I care about it being "done".  I'll reach for the shortcuts every time. And so should you! Get your craft on any way you can. The smiles you have while making it and the smiles on the faces of your recipients are the same either way.


  1. "Confession real life (not my online "crafting job"), I don't care a bit about being "inspiring" and "innovative". I care about it being "done". " Word, sista!!! I love that you say that. So real!!! But I also love that you ARE innovative and we crafters reap the benefits of that!!! :D

  2. Crafting Confession Time! There should be be a whole blog on that...this is a bit of reality we need to hear to keep us in check. BTW your 'simple' Popsicle looks innovative!!!