Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm as Prone to Suggestion as the Next Gal

Yeah. I bought those pens. The Zig Clean Color Watercolor ones or what have you.  You know what I'm talking about. The blogosphere is a twitter. Everybody is buying them. And I'm such a joiner.

Hey, we are all having fun, right? And it isn't like I'm out at the bar, throwing back the drinks, and picking up men. Nope...we all need our little luxuries in life. Mine is buying stamping stuff. I know you feel me on it.

For now, I'm mostly just playing around. Because that is fun to do over coffee in the morning. But every now and again, a little something makes in onto a card. Here we have Papertrey Ink's Fancy That. I don't feel like I did this stamp set justice when it was first introduced. I'll remedy that here and in my next blog post. Those medallions are perfect for watercolors. I have it on the new Center Stage: Maculine Die cut out of the same water color paper and have that mounted on vellum. Quite lovely. And the sentiment? I need to send this to a sister or a friend. It's from It's a Banner Day. :)

So, are you giving in?


  1. Beautiful card! I never thought I'd need more inks, watercolors, markers as time went on.I ordered some, but wasn't really paying attention... they'll be here the end of JUNE apparently they are coming directly from Japan on the very slow boat lol.

  2. Your card is really lovely!
    So, are you glad you were a joiner this time? Are they worth it? The exchange rate for the Canadian dollar is brutal right now so I'm holding off on a few 'must haves' - Misti, these markers, etc. I can't afford the 20% extra plus the shipping charges!

  3. Am I giving in? Does a cat have a climbing gear? Does a bear..., no, better not use that one.

    I gave in. They arrived today. I don't have Fancy That, but I do have Mehndi Medallion... and definitely going to try them with the Years of Flowers series, both big and little. Bet those would look great on the Center Stage die, which I have also. Love your card! (Linda E)

  4. The Zig markers like you too! Pretty card!

  5. Erin, this has to be the most entertaining post I've read in a very long time. Every word you wrote is about me! I have enough stamping and scrapping stuff to open my own store. And yes, I ordered those brush things too! The 36 set. Although the 60 set was a much better buy on Amazon, but I had to save some of my money for June 15th! I love how you painted this stamp set - I was never, ever in the least bit interested in "fancy that" - until now. I might have to box you in the nose! Seriously, you've done a beautiful job with your watercolor and you have inspired me to try coloring some things I wouldn't normally do. I just have to wait for those darn thingies to get here - unfortunately not until mid July. Thanks so much for sharing your breathtaking work with us!