Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Confession Time

I've had and never ever inked up On My Couch and On My Couch Additions since they were released. Don't know why. Always thought they were cute and enjoyed what others have done with them, but just never what I seemed to reach for first when it came time for a card. Even when the dies came out, I wasn't inclined. Surprisingly so, 'cause the dies are the bomb. I'm hooked.

And then I created this card for the July Release. Paired up Library Card with the perfect All Booked Up sentiment, inking up some On My Couch goodies for the very first time. How adorable are they? And I say that without in any way taking credit for it all. Just darn cute stamps.

Busted it out again recently. Threw in some more loveliness with Simply Chartreuse and Ocean Tides felt and the Mat Stack 3 die. Fun thread here about all the other stamps that fit nicely in this shape. Aqua Mist cardstock plays off Basic Grey's Urban Prairie quite nicely. I am a super happy stamper.

What hidden gems have you not inked up? I dare you to go use those stamps tonight.


  1. WOW Erin, both of these cards seriously ROCK!!!

  2. Oh these are FAB! Both these sets are my faves - I could never part with 'em I hope you play with these some more!
    I now think I may need to ink up Daily Designs from PTI - I set I soooooooooo needed at the time but can't remember why!

  3. I love these!!!! I can't believe you didn't ink them! LOL! But, alas, now you have and now you will continue, so the story has a happy ending!

  4. As always, very cute cards. What stamps have I NOT inked up..............MOST OF THEM. Why did I need every Michaels $1 stamp???? In my case, it's how many SU ink pads have I never even taken the plastic off of yet??? Answer - most of them..... Also, why did I feel that I needed every $1 Studio G ink pad square...........How many of those have I taken the plastic off of.....MOST OF THEM.
    This hobby has a certain "illness" attached to it, and I have it.
    Love the cards.......

  5. Erin, really enjoying your blog right now. I think you have relaxed into happy life, happy momma and not necessarily in that order. ;O) Love your cards and ideas!

  6. Oh, Erin, these cards are . . . amazing! Right up my alley, I tell ya and they give me so many good ideas! Thanks VERY much for sharing your creativity!

  7. Erin these are great cards - you are always so creative with everything you do. Just love the pairings of sets you've used here - brilliant!

  8. Wow! I never would have thought of pairing up these two stamp sets, but this is such a great idea. Love what you did with this idea!