Sunday, March 25, 2012

Top of My Short Stack

Breakfast is BIG around here. Particularly, Sunday morning breakfast when Daddy makes pancakes. Chocolate chips, sprinkles, Cool Whip, real maple syrup--the sky is the limit. The griddle is set on the island and the kids get to help mix up the ingredients and then gnosh on fruit while the pancakes cook. I'll sit at my seat, nursing a cup of coffee, watching my husband be a dad and the sun stream through my windows, and enjoy having the family together. Often, the whole event takes upwards of two hours because we linger. Some of the best family time of the week.

Of course, pancakes have spilled over to other days. There are "Work Day Pancakes" when Matt gets up early and fixes everybody pancakes before he leaves for work. .Especially nice this time of year when he's working 6 days a week and we so rarely see him. The kids lap it up. They know it is special time. And quite frankly for me, the sight of the man I love wearing an apron over his shirt and tie while cooking for my kids is probably the sexiest thing I've ever seen (wink, wink).  Matt's a pretty darn happy guy, but the smile he has on his face in the morning is infectious. I'm in love with that smile. What would I do without this man? Seriously?

On the nights Matt works super late and the kids don't get to see him, it's my turn to bust out the griddle for a pancake dinner. It calms the kids down, makes them feel loved...and how easy are pancakes for dinner? Last week I made Banana Chocolate Pancakes. This week, Red Velvet is on the menu. This is our holy grail of pancake recipes around here. The booklet that came with my Food Network Magazine is about ready to fall apart.

So, in short, we really kinda dig the pancakes around here. Pancakes equal love. And everybody who knows us, knows this about us. Which is why when it came time to make Hank's birthday thank you's, I had to bust out the pancake stamp. It's so totally Hank.

Sentiment is computer generated. Thought it was cute for a little boy card.

So go stamp and make some pancakes. It's all good. Guaranteed to make you smile.


Stamps: Wake Up by Paper Smooches, PTI's Inside/Out Thank You, BB: Tin Type
Die Cuts: Double Ended Banner, Tag Sale #6
Aqua Mist Polka Dot Patterned Paper


  1. We love pancakes for dinner, too! I think my kids don't even know they are actually a breakfast food...Anyway, my Ryan is having a Pajamas and Pancakes 5th birthday party on Thursday (bed head optional). They'll get to decorate and eat their own creations. Super fun!

  2. Grin, we fed our boys pancakes for dinner last night-- they loved it.

  3. Thanks for sharing that little glimpse into your life. :) I think everyone should eat pancakes more often - might make for a better world!

    Your cards are super sweet!

  4. TFS! You gave me a bunch of good new ideas for pancakes in our house. My son will love doing sprinkles! It's a Sunday thing for us, but dinner is a good idea too. Appreciate the recipes, too!

  5. I recall pancake dinners when I was a kid....They will too! Love your cards with the adorable image and sentiment.

  6. OH MY GOODNESSES! I LOVE pancake breakfasts, lunches, brunches, dinners......pancakes with strawberry topping OR cornmeal pancakes with raspberry! OH MY!

    Just wanted to pop in and say a big THANK YOU for your wonderful make it monday video last week. SAVED ME while I was making my Easter cards. I was going to drop you some pics, but don't see a 'contact me' line anywhere so you are saved from Kari D stalking! LOL

    Have a wonderful Easter....may the bunny bring you good pancakes and sunny skies!

  7. Erin, when my kids were little and my husband was away on a business trip I often resorted to pancakes for dinner. I called it Upside-down Day! Making it an event took the sting out of Daddy being gone!